The Mastiff Club of America held the first drafting test on May 15, 1996, at Eureka, Missouri.  It has since become an annual test that is enjoyed by both participant and spectators at our National Specialty each year.

The MCOA draft test is a series of exercises designed to demonstrate the abilities of the Mastiff in a working capacity.   The performance of the Mastiff was intended to show teamwork between dog and handler resulting from both natural ability and training that are applicable to realistic work situations.

Dogs must be willing to work with their handlers and exercises must be accomplished efficiently.  The handlers are permitted to talk to and encourage their dogs during the exercises.  The goal of each handler is to maintain control while encouraging the dog’s natural independence.  Each handler must also demonstrate a working knowledge of drafting and be familiar with training and equipment.

The MCOA draft test consists of both obedience and drafting exercises.  The obedience portion includes heeling, recall, stand for harnessing and a three-minute group down.  Immediately following the long down each dog is called in catalog order and will individually complete the following exercises:  hitching, maneuvering, weight load, and intriguing distraction.  After all dogs have completed both sections of the test, all passing teams will be called back into the ring and awards are presented.   These events are a pass/fail.

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