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NOTE: In November of 2014 the Mastiff Club of America asked the entire membership to consider the issue of whether the club should continue to require AKC DNA Parentage Profile tests for all entries at MCOA National Specialty shows.  Below is an archive of the information and commentaries shared on the website prior to the membership-wide vote in which the requirement was discontinued.


Those of you who attended the 2014 Annual Meeting may recall it as a topic of debate.  This is an issue that will impact all members who participate in our annual specialty show and deserves your careful review of both sides of the issue No later than November 30th, 2014 a paper ballot will be mailed to the membership to consider whether all dogs entered in MCOA National Specialties should continue to be required to have a DNA parentage profile test on file with the AKC, or not. So please be ready to cast your vote as a member of MCOA.

Two opposing arguments on this topic are included below for your review as downloadable 'position papers'

Neither the Mastiff Club of America nor the Board of Directors of the MCOA endorse either side of the DNA Parentage Profile Requirment For Entry Into the MCOA National Specialty

Click on each header below to download to read each position paper

Betterment Of The Mastiff Breed: Demystifying DNA  download

AKC DNA Parentage Profile Should Not Be Required  download

Above document authored by:

                    Above document authored by:

DNA Subcommittee Chair Mary Delisa Shannon Van Duren , Nick Van Duren & Bonnie Blink
& Committee Member Anna May

The MCOA invites all MCOA members to submit their comments or additional considerations to the Corresponding Secretary for publication on this web page, updated weekly.

Deadline for submitting comments is October 18th, 2014

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